Mungkin Ini Yang Bisa Saya Bagi Kepada Anda
Jika Kurang Berkenan Dengan Artikel Yang Saya Posting, Saya Menghaturkan Maaf, Bila Anda Puas Dan Senang Dengan Artikel Saya Sudah Selayaknya Anda Bisa Berbagi Kepada Anak Yatim Piatu Atau Tetangga Anda Yang Kurang Mampu. Saya yakin dengan berbagi, masalah atau hal yang kita kerjakan akan cepat selesai.

Rabu, 24 Februari 2010



Create a peer to peer facebooker netter or a crazy with a poker game application on facebook below is a mini play poker tips of my own version that might be your example in a poker game to remove a sense of saturated or bored at work or rest when no work or routines is vacant. In short mini poker tips are as follows:

1. before playing poker far far away your emotions want to win big, because this character will make players bet on the wasteful and too great value to our unconscious drained chips.

2. buy the smallest chips or minimum,

3. In playing poker, if your card felt felt your chance to win a little or a bad card, it is recommended you do not fold or bet, do not wish that if the value of a small card you can win even if this opportunity is, but relatively small.

4. Play naturally follow the flow of the game against your emotions do not be lured to put all your chips at stake, emotions have an important role in playing poker.

5. If you win big or get out lobbying fold if your card is felt bad, not linger long at the table with the chips you bet so much of a victory before because it would be a target of opponents to drain out your chips when your emotions get hooked, and soon enter the fold buy chips with a minimum value as I mentioned above.

6. If the tips of 1 to 5 above you are doing as good as possible I think the value of your chips will increase significantly and could increase their pride and confidence in the next level.

Hopefully mini poker tips above can help you achieve victory and eliminate the boredom and the hobby is playing poker online. My blogger kampong in Surabaya jojoran say good luck to play always.

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