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Selasa, 23 Februari 2010

Ancelotti Versus Maurinho

Ancelotti Versus Mourinho

Early days later Chelsea FC will meet Inter Milan in the Champions League, where his second two have a close relationship in the success of Chelsea, last season Maurinho has a lot to give a degree and pattern of Chelsea FC who play more feared opponent up in his first season at Chelsea FC He gave Primier League title after a long fasting title. Maurinho is a phenomenal figure of national coach of Portugal with a scathing comment and his tactics are telling Chelsea players in directing more energy and play with high skills.

Meanwhile, Ancelotti can not be viewed lightly, because before becoming a Chelsea FC coach he has been trained to give AC Milan and many other titles during the Chelsea training teams, both the Italian league championship and League champion trainer This has been etched to Ac Milan, Ancelotti to me is a quiet person , is not easily provoked like Jose Maurinho, Ancelotti more forward tactics and strength in the last some people call it a diamond tactics.

Meeting of two coaches at the same time has a brilliant ability in making their team, and make a full meeting with emotion between Mourinho, Chelsea and of course the fanatic supporters of Chelsea FC teams. My raya this time the game will run called the tactic given these two coaches to their players to be the best.

I am a big fan of Chelsea FC is sure to give Carlo Ancelotti's victory against Inter Milan, who coached by Jose Maurinho, let alone some time ago Chelsea played well and won the league while playing in the Premier League with the best star Didier Drogba is a spear pengoyak opponent's goal net . I'm sure Chelsea will beat FC Inter Milan, who in some league matches in Italy often get a draw.

I hope in this game are not acting with maurinho her sharp comments for the opposite team and wiser because after all is part of Jose Maurinho success at Chelsea last season and will not be forgotten by all the supporters, players and official Chelsea.

I predict the game tonight by a score of 2-0 to Chelsea's victory, if the Chelsea players to play according to the direction Ancelotti and play well I think Chelsea can win more. But whatever the outcome, I will always be a loyal supporter of Chelsea FC.
Chelsea FC I Love u Full Jojoran from bloggers village in Surabaya City

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  1. anceloti vs Mourinho pertandingan yang ditunggu-tunggu pastinya