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Kamis, 22 Oktober 2009

Kerja Keras adalah Energi Kita Membangun Bangsa

Kerja Keras adalah Energi Kita Membangun Bangsa

Hard Work is the energy We Build Nations

Hard work has a very important role for the success of an individual, institutions and even countries. Hard work that does not know very desperate need for us as human beings can stand down of failure and poverty. Hard work is not only done through energy solely in the works but can also bring into the mind and ideas contribute to the common weal.

Working hard without the Arm with the mental attitude of a robust delivery of less lost interest even be worn often swallowed up by various problems and challenges that every time approached. Hard work is our energy to participate in building the nation and state to the welfare and prosperity that are intended by the people who shape the balance and continuity along the same line with capabilities and skills we have.

Natural resources that we have a time will run out eroded by the growing needs and more with the motor vehicle fuel or fuel oil. Fuel has an important role for the nation's economy, especially for transportation both land, sea or air, delays or gaps due to fuel needs are often not adequate to make the economy worse off, as a result of the small people cry, their needs are not met, the famine that experienced by small people. Not to mention government policies that tend to play safe without heeding the interests of small people.

Single people and government representatives who we love and pride, we are a small people look forward to more pro-people, prioritize the interests of small people, regardless of whether the policy now and then should be more reference to our interests as a small people.

hope and my view of pertamina in order to participate in a more pro-development people are as follows:

1. Come share in the training and scholarships for young people in research and create products that fuel renewable energy such as bio diesel, and others, because of our natural resources abundant someday will gradually be exhausted. That's for sure!!

2. Recruiting young people who excel and have great ideas and provide opportunities for those who have physical limitations but has the ability in other areas that are not associated with the physical, in order to take part in corporate sustainability and the development of a better pertamina again.

3. Participate actively pursue the prevention and reduction of environmental pollution, most of the pollution produced by motor vehicles is directly related to fuel. Whether it is by cultivating and producing natural products more environmentally friendly.

4. Has a motto that is more transparent, honest and useful for the common good.

5. Standards of discipline and responsibility and strict selection. which should have every pertamina workforce, many corruption and discipline occurred in its implementation, as it reduces the content of this middle road station is often referred to as "roadside pee" committed by unscrupulous drivers, timeliness is also important because it often spbu run out of stock due to delays in the delivery of fuel, which is often troublesome people who ultimately have an impact on commodities prices and the economy.

6. Provide training and motivation and career pertamina to labor, it is important for the development of standards and to always be able to give a better contribution and avoid the boredom with a routine in which they live during the workday.

7. No Come in practical politics, although indirectly the government policy regarding the increase in fuel oil is directly related to politics, at least pertamina can run public service standards better without participating in the political atmosphere with cloud services and good distribution.

8. Qualification working partner, employer or principal to prospective employers spbu clean away from the harmful CCN State. Lots of entrepreneurs who have spbu scandal or problems with the law, on this pertamina can provide a business license if the would-be entrepreneurs spbu net of legal problems.

9. Bulletin or a charity of filling stations pertamina and entrepreneurs to social activities and charity, which aims to reduce and help our brothers and sisters affected by natural disasters and poverty.

So my views and expectations of pertamina, hopefully later pertamina can make a more recent breakthrough for the common side, with a blog contest with the theme "Hard Work is the energy we" that means pertamina are open and need input for the progress and better services for the nation and the State.

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  1. Great article... and nice recomendation for Pertamina but it will depend on its environment... where is the company was there.