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Rabu, 09 April 2008

History Of Town Surabaya

History Of Town Surabaya

In the year 1612 Surabaya has is crowded commerce port. Many merchants Portugis buys mace from aborigines merchant. Indigenous merchant buys mace behind back from Banda, though approval there have with VOC prohibiting people Banda to trade for his own good.

After the year 1625 Surabaya falls into the hands of empire Mataram. After defeased from empire Mataram, the year 1967 Surabaya experiences chaos as result of attack of the pirates coming from Makasar. At the time of situation uncertain this is emerging name of Trunojoyo, a prince from Mataram from tribe Madura, what rebels to Raja Mataram. By force of people Makasar Trunojoyo successfully masters Madura and Surabaya.

Below(under power of Trunojoyo, Surabaya becomes port of transit and place of accumulation of goods from fertile land, that is delta Brantas. Kalimas becomes " gold river" what brings valuable goods from hinterland.

With reason of wish to assist Mataram, in the year 1677 Kompeni sends Cornelis Speelman equiped with by big armed forces to Surabaya. Fortress Trunojoyo finally can be mastered Speelman. Then Governor General Couper returns Surabaya to Mataram.

At century 18, the year 1706, Surabaya becomes encounter place between Kompeni under leader Govert Knol and Untung Surapati.

After continuous war, date of 11 Novembers 1743 Paku Buwono II from empire of Mataram and Van Governor General Imhoff in Surakarta signs an approval expressing that s(he delivers its(the rights to north coast of Pulau Jawa and Madura(termasuk between of diSurabaya) to the side of VOC which has given finite help of s(he successfully coronates in empire of Mataram but Dutch Indies team has just visited Surabaya on 11-April-1746.

VOC builds new goverment structure in north coast area of Pulau Jawa and Madura with position of governor in Semarang. In Surabaya is lifted [by] a Gezaghebber indium den Oostthoek ( Power Part Of Java Island East).

Between The year 1794-1798 Powers Part Of Java Island East is Dirk van Hogendorp. On 6 September 1799, Fredrick Jacob Rothenbuhler replaces Van Hogendorp in command until the year 1809. In the year 1807 Surabaya gets Serangan from British navy below(under leader Admiral Pillow which finally leaves Surabaya.

After bankruptcy of VOC, Hindia Belanda delivered to government of Dutch. The year 1808-1811 Surabaya below(under goverment of Governor General direct Herman Willem Daendels making Surabaya as small Europe town. Surabaya is built to to become trade town at the same time fortress town.

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