Mungkin Ini Yang Bisa Saya Bagi Kepada Anda
Jika Kurang Berkenan Dengan Artikel Yang Saya Posting, Saya Menghaturkan Maaf, Bila Anda Puas Dan Senang Dengan Artikel Saya Sudah Selayaknya Anda Bisa Berbagi Kepada Anak Yatim Piatu Atau Tetangga Anda Yang Kurang Mampu. Saya yakin dengan berbagi, masalah atau hal yang kita kerjakan akan cepat selesai.

Selasa, 29 April 2008



This character form some color that able pin to you !

· Blue

Blue color to symbolize silent that perfect. This color have effect central nervous silent, presser blood, draw breath, while down all, body mechanism get up organism.

· Red

Red Color to symbolize conditions psychology that power quire, to push a pulse fast, ascend presser blood and fast breath. This color have also a push power to course work active.

· Yellow

Yellow color to symbolize happy and wide characteristic, neutral but happy to cow problem. She / he have clothed high heaven.

· Violet

Violet color is mixture color red and blue to paradise “ Destroy” the in symbolize blue color. This color has characteristic punctual few, always with full hope.

· Chocolate

Chocolate color always to indicate have characteristic like to fight don’t give heart, and few tolerance.

· Black

Black color to symbolize life that interrupted and because she / he give impression empty, to die, dark and broken.

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